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ODEON Securities we are a European company, that develops devices, solutions and technology for prevention and security. We are working with a team that is experienced in different areas of prevention and security. This team is more than aware of the fact, that on a daily base, we need to protect ourselves more and more.

Thats why we have developed different Air disinfection devices, based on the UV-C technology.

How does it work? The devices clean on microbiological level. When somebody coughs or sneezes the particles are sucked up in the airstream of the device and immediately the system kills the virus. It prevents spreading of the germs and provides relief for people with asthma and allergies, so you can keep your customers and employees, healthy and safe.

To go more into depth, to see and compare our products, you can download our PDF Products brochure, or wisit our website: https://odeon-securities.com/