OD-UVC125 ELI XL – Elevator Virus Killer

OD-UVC125 ELI XL – Elevator Virus Killer

Custom design

OD-UVC125 ELI XL is designed specifically for bigger and industrial elevators. It’s light, compact, and easy to install.

Easy to use

ELI is connected directly to the elevator system. It starts working immediately when someone presses the button of the elevator, and it stays on, during the whole duration of the transport. A minute after the elevator reaches its required destination, and the doors close, the decontamination is still on. Only after that, it turns off automatically.

How does it work?

If somebody sneezes or coughs the particles are immediately absorbed in the air-stream of the device. Then it goes between the UV-C lamps, which destroy harmful micro-organisms, and out comes sterilized clean air.

Even faster disinfection

This disinfection device is equipped with 2x 55 W lamps (compared to OD-UVC125 ELI, which has 2x 36 W lamps). This means it will disinfect the elevator up to 99.9% even faster. It’s fabricated from high-quality steel.

The OD-UVC125 ELI air recirculation disinfector is of closed type, designed for air decontamination in elevators, with ultraviolet bacterial radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

Decontamination is carried out in the presence of humans with the purpose to prevent an increase in microbial contamination of the air, specially in cases of high risk of spreading airborne diseases.

Technical details:

Material: Steel; RAL colour lacquered

Power: 2 x 55W = 110W

Operating temperature: between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius

Purified air volume: 125m³ (163.49yd³)

Sound: 30 decibels

Dimensions: 700mm x 186mm x 190mm (27.559in x 7.323in x 7.480in)

Weight: 10kg (22.05lbs)

Lamp: 9000h

Operating voltage: 220V – 240V

Cable length: 3m (9ft 10.11in)