OD-UVC1000 MAX DNA Virus Killer

OD-UVC1000 MAX DNA Virus Killer

Disinfect areas up to 1000 m³

OD-UVC1000MAX ventilating air disinfection units are ideal for subsequent installation and reliable disinfection of any areas up to 1000 m³.

More than air purifier

The ventilation system perform a significant increase in the UV-C dose, so that mould spores are killed in a single run.


Its hygienic design with no external cables and construction elements prevents germ deposits and germ nests. Through special thermo-tubes we are able to guarantee maximum UV-C output and have a result of 99.9% of disinfection of the virus.

The OD-UVC1000MAX air recirculation disinfector is of closed type, designed for air decontamination in public buildings, offices, shops and shopping centers, hotels, gyms, industrial premises, production facilities, medical centers, schools and kinder gardens, etc. with ultraviolet bacterial radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm.

Decontamination is carried out in the presence of humans with the purpose to prevent an increase in microbial contamination of the air, specially in cases of high risk of spreading airborne diseases.

Technical details:

Material: Steel; RAL colour lacquered

Power: 400 W

Operating temperature: between 5 and 35 degrees

Purified air volume: 1000 cubic meters per hour

Sound: 20 - 30 decibels

Dimensions: 700 x 635 x 260

Weight: 55 kg

Suspension: possible on a wall or a ceiling

Mobile trolley: 12 kg

Lamp: 9000 h

Operating voltage: 220 - 240 V