Temperature Measuring & Disinfection & Face Recognition All-in-one Tablet

Product Overview

  • High performance, High reliability, High stability Android system
  • Binocular living anti – counterfeiting function, anti – photo, video and other deception
  • 8-inch A-gauge LCD display, projection capacitive touch screen technology, full graphic design of operation interface
  • Adopt 2 million intelligent wide dynamic sensor, fearless of strong light, backlight and dark complex light environment
  • Support the body temperature detection, temperature display function, temperature abnormal automatic alarm
  • Infrared and TGB double complement light, weak light identification without interference
  • Support optional wired /WIFI/4G communication
  • Multifunctional inductive disinfectant sprayer disinfects the hands


Normal Body Temperature

Abnormal High Temperature

Abnormal Low Temperature

Product Parameter

  • OS – Android 7.1.2 System
  • Camera – 2 million wide dynamic, in vivo dual photography, strong backlight resistance
  • Touch display screen – Capacitive touch screen, 8-inch a-gauge LCD (16:10)
  • Authentication Mode – Face recognition, temperature detection, optional IC, ID card
  • Measuring Range – 0°C ~ 50°C
  • Temperature measurement accuracy – ±0.2@30CM ±0.3@50CM
  • External interface – USB RJ45 RS232 TTL reset switch WIFI antenna interface
  • Working voltage –  DC12V±20%
  • Communication mode – Wired network, WIFI, optional 4G
  • Hand disinfection – Disinfectant spray
  • Spray trigger mode – Infrared induction, induction distance adjustable, strong anti- interference, not afraid of light changes, not affected by skin colour
  • Disinfectant capacity – 1000ml refillable inner bottle
  • Spray pump head – Service life more than 300,000 times
  • External dimension – 300mm ×1610mm ×200 mm (11.811in x 63.386in x 7.874in)
  • Weight – 30 kg (66.14lbs)

Application Scenarios – It can be used in schools, hospitals, communities, supermarkets, checkpoints, subway stations, customs ports, airports, stations, banks, libraries and other places for quick reading of body temperature and face recognition.