UV-C Air Devices

UV-C air disinfection systems today are found in industry, medicine, and research as well as in private and public buildings. UV-C air disinfection minimizes product and storage failures, spreading of the germs is prevented, it provides relief for people with asthma and allergies,. It cleans the laboratories on microbiological level, protects isolation stations and it ensures personal protection for people in hospitals.

OD-UVC125 ELI XL Office – Virus Killer

The OD-UVC125 ELI Office Virus Killer is highly efficient UV-C air disinfection device, designed specifically for the office environment.

OD-UVC125 DNA Virus Killer

The OD-UVC125 DNA Virus Killer has one highly efficient UV-C tube that ensures reliable disinfection of indoor air.

OD-UVC250 DNA Virus Killer

With its simple but highly efficient design, the OD-UVC250 is the ideal air recirculation unit. A high end plug & play device in the mid-price range.

OD-UVC1000 MAX DNA Virus Killer

OD-UVC 1000MAX ventilating air disinfection units are ideal for subsequent installation and reliable disinfection of any areas up to 1000 m³.